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pale and mild; a modern girl.

001. Name, Age, Sex, Location: keri, twenty, female, michigan.
002. Musical interests. alternative, pop. whatever. i love boy bands and britney spears. my favorite band is bright eyes. i also love cursive, the faint, alkaline trio, modest mouse, rilo kiley, and oh so many more.
003. Movie interests. empire records is my favorite movie. i love disney movies as well, along with any kind of movie that will make my heart hurt.
004. Tell us about yourself. i'm a full time student and a full time cashier. i can be a little crazy at times, but mostly i'm pretty laid back. i love to read and write, and i love spending time with my friends. i'm not a big party girl, but for the most part i still know how to have fun.

005. Favorite Harry Potter book and why? the goblet of fire. it's just so exciting to me. i read it over and over. it's so action packed and it has so much foreshadowing that it's fun to read about what jk rowling is hinting towards.
006. Favorite Harry Potter book character and why? ron weasley. i adore his character. he's so much like me. sarcastic and loyal. i guess i like him because he's the kind of friend i look for.
007. Favorite Harry Potter book quote? oh any of dumbledore's speeches. they always make me cry.

008. Favorite Harry Potter movie and why? number two. it moves at a fairly fast pace without losing people who may not have read the books.
009. Which character was best portrayed in the movies? ron and draco! they're exactly how i pictured them and they're personalities/acting are so perfect.
010. Which character was poorly portrayed in the movies and why? hmm. i think they're all alright, except for the random kid in the third movie. who the hell was that kid?
011. Which actor would you fire and why? oh what's his name. if i were a director, it would be the kid that plays draco because he's a horrible actor. haha. i just think he's perfect in dracos role. so i guess i don't know.
012. Who is your Harry Potter movie hottie of choice? i can't answer this. i feel like a pervert. ron. haha. ;D

013. Pure-blood/Half-blood/Squib/Muggle? i'm all about the half bloods. actually i don't really get this question.
014. Favorite house? ravenclaw. yay.
015. Favorite Professor and why? dumbledore! because i want to marry him. he's so wonderful.
016. Favorite magical creature? i love the thestrals. the fact that some people can see them and some people can't is fascinating. haha. didn't hermione say that? anyways, i think it was a clever idea on rowling's part.

017. How did you hear about this community? the lovely and beautiful wwii
018. Suck up to the moderators. see above. ;D
019. Five pictures of your face. five? let me see here.

note: that was a makeover night. haha.
020. Post a 148x198 borderless picture of your face. ick, you guys. i couldn't make any pictures small. they were all blurry! sorry.
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