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oh draco you naughty thing!

   002.  Musical interests. thursday, 2 skinnee js. le tigre, ben kweller, tegan and sara, iron and wine, the grand finals, musicals- Rent, wicked, phantom, avenue q
   003.  Movie interests. my neighbor totoro, labyrinth, fern gully, amelie, garden state, LOTR.. tons more
   004.  Tell us about yourself. i like to stencil clothes/bags and sew and design, i love downtown in the winter at night. i love people named gavin and i like cutting hair (mainly alannas), listening to music and photography.

   005.  Favorite Harry Potter book and why? third one or fourth one. the third one because lupid made me so happy, also harry wasnt all angsty yet. the whole marauders thing was amazing as well. the fourth one becuase theres so much in it.. the whole yule ball thing, each challenge, and especially the prefects bathtub.. its so great.
   006.  Favorite Harry Potter book character and why? Ron or fred and george. ron becasue hes hilarious and nerdy and adorable, and fred and george becuase.. theyre fred and george.
   007.  Favorite Harry Potter book quote?
"percy wouldnt recognize a joke if it danced in front of him naked wearing dobbys tea cozy" - ron
"You don't want to bottle your anger up like that, Harry, let it all out," said Fred, beaming. "There might be a couple people 50 miles away who didn't hear you." 

  008.  Favorite Harry Potter movie and why? the third.. they all hit puberty... and the characters were all more defined. i also liked dumbledore better.
   009.  Which character was best portrayed in the movies? Ron. best thing of my life. also snape, he is dead on perfect.
   010.  Which character was poorly portrayed in the movies and why? Herminone, first of all shes too pretty. where is her huge hair? shes not as snotty and bookish as she needs to be.
   011.  Which actor would you fire and why? hermione, but i woulent fire any of them, theyre all stuck in those roles and i couldt see another hermione.
   012.  Who is your Harry Potter movie hottie of choice? MALFOY
he is pudding to a hormonaly charged angsty teen such as myself.

   013.  Pure-blood/Half-blood/Squib/Muggle? half-blood
   014.  Favorite house? gryffindor
   015.  Favorite Professor and why? lupin, but hes gone which is sad, so i guess mcgonagal because shes a really good teacher but she also has her moments, like when she stuck it to umbridge.
   016.  Favorite magical creature? nifflers or unicorns

   017.  How did you hear about this community? alanna, hippiepippin
   018.  Suck up to the moderators. anally right-o! well, you have your lip periced, that is hott. i want one. plus youre just gorgeous. wwiiyour hair is amazing, and your icon makes me smile. i tried.
   019.  Five pictures of your face.
thats not exactly my face.. but i think its spiffy.
   020.  Post a 148x198 borderless picture of your face.
if that doesnt have enough face for your likes, then theres
alright.. well ive been up since three in the morn so my application is prbably not the best. if i get rejected can i try again?
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