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veelas's Journal

they'll make you weep and moan and cry.
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   A rating community for the Harry Potter obsessed hotties.

   001.  All pictures and applications must be under a cut tag.
   002.  All posts must be on-topic.
   003.  Be yourself!
   004.  Do not comment on anything until you have been accepted.
   005.  Do not promote your communities here.
   006.  Do not sass the mods.
   007.  This is not the place to ask book/movie related questions.
   008.  When voting, put "yes" or "no" as the comment subject.
   009.  When voting yes, also include which house you think they belong in.
   010.  You must put "new or "stamped" in the subject line.

   001.  Name, Age, Sex, Location.
   002.  Musical interests.
   003.  Movie interests.
   004.  Tell us about yourself.

   005.  Favorite Harry Potter book and why?
   006.  Favorite Harry Potter book character and why?
   007.  Favorite Harry Potter book quote?

   008.  Favorite Harry Potter movie and why?
   009.  Which character was best portrayed in the movies?
   010.  Which character was poorly portrayed in the movies and why?
   011.  Which actor would you fire and why?
   012.  Who is your Harry Potter movie hottie of choice?

   013.  Pure-blood/Half-blood/Squib/Muggle?
   014.  Favorite house?
   015.  Favorite Professor and why?
   016.  Favorite magical creature?

   017.  How did you hear about this community?
   018.  Suck up to the moderators.
   019.  Promote somewhere and show proof.
   020.  Five pictures of your face.
   021.  Post a 148x198 borderless picture of your face.

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